Accepting Visa

How you can join the Visa merchant network

If you are still not accepting Visa cards but are interested in accepting them in your merchant locations, contact your banking institution for assistance.

What you should take into account to become part of the largest payment card acceptance network in the world: The financial institution that is part of the Visa system will sign an agreement with you and manage your relationship with Visa.

  • During the process to implement Visa card acceptance at your merchant locations, various topics will be discussed, including:

  • Number of merchant locations where Visa cards will be accepted

  • Card acceptance methods in your merchant locations:

    - Face to face
    - Mail orders
    - Telephone orders
    - Internet orders
    - Automatic debit

  • Type of system that will be used to process Visa card transactions:

    - Point of sale (POS) terminals
    - Microcomputers
    - Customer Service systems
    - Other platforms

  • Estimated annual transaction volume with Visa payment cards and average transaction amount

  • Costs of Visa card acceptance

  • Time frame to implement Visa card acceptance at your merchant locations

  • Staff training on card acceptance and fraud prevention procedures

  • Once you start accepting Visa cards, you will see for yourself the excellent competitive advantage cards provide as a means of payment, due to their convenience, superior customer service and cost effectiveness.

  • Visa signage
    at your merchant locations

    Displaying the correct Visa signage to identify your establishment as a Visa merchant is the most effective way of attracting customers who have and use Visa cards.

  • Display Visa signage materials prominently where customers can easily see them.

  • If you need more information

    For additional information about the benefits and advantages of Visa card acceptance, contact your financial institution today.